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Our Story

Highlands Tiny Homes is a boutique family business that is based around the Southern Highlands of NSW, founded in 2003.

Back in the early 2000s Tiny Homes as we know them now, were small cabins, offices, and temporary accommodation, built on skids and slid off the back of a tilt tray truck. 

Understanding a need in the market, Highlands Tiny Homes was founded by Michael Duffy back in 2003.  

Initially established as a part-time interest, supplementing Michael’s main building company, which had been operating for over 40 years.In around  2010 there was a significant demand for tiny home living, especially in the US. 

Commonly known as the 'Tiny Home Movement' we transitioned into building our Tiny Homes on our very own custom built trailers, and we're proud to say that we still do today.

In 2016, Michael’s eldest son Matthew joined the company as an apprentice carpenter, and Highlands Tiny Homes became a full-time family run business, focusing primarily on custom designed Tinys.

We are proud to say we continue to construct our entire tiny home in-house, from the trailer, to a completely built tiny home, on our own premises with the help of local quality sourced trades, proudly  supporting our local community.

Highlands Tiny Homes prides ourselves on quality built finishes, and every build is as personal to us as it is to you.